Having Purpose

This is a photograph of my father and my grandfather. I did not know my grandfather; he passed away before I got to know him.

The photo is 65yrs old and has purpose, real sense of purpose to it. The connection I have to this photo is hard to place into words. It holds my past and is rooted in my present. I am most likely older now than my grandfather was when this photo was taken.

The photo sits on my nightstand and it is the last thing I look at before I turn off the lights. It is the first thing I see in morning when my alarm clock sounds.

When I look into this photograph I imagine a different photo that nobody else gets to see. I see my father standing behind the see-saw and my nephew, Dominic, his first grandchild, seated on the see-saw. I see myself standing in front of them taking this picture.

My photography career has progressed, I am older and I am now the father. This is the type of photography I want to create. Work with a purpose to generate a memory that grandchildren and great grandchildren will get to place on their nightstand.

To my grandfather, I am glad I know your face…I will meet you in heaven.