Dreams and Imagination

Sunday afternoon driving back to Pittsburgh from Philly on the turnpike – this is my view from behind the wheel of my car…

Bright blue sky, white clouds lined with a pink hue and golden sunbeams breaking through the clouds. All of it lining the horizon as far as the eye could see. I drove into this sight for about 48 miles of straight highway that lead into the Blue Mountains of PA. This was a painted landscape directly out of a Disney movie, it was that grand.

In the trunk of my car I had my camera and tripod but I never stopped to photograph this view. Yes, it was killing me at first but I wanted to get home to see my daughter after three days of being away.

Two phrases kept repeating in my head:
- Art is here to give people the opportunity to dream.
- Art is the dialogue of the imagination.

I am not sure if these are original thoughts or random sentences from past readings. Either way, perfect words for the experience.

That is what I did, dream and imagine.