The letter “P” must die

The predicament with having a purpose in life is that it has to be attached to a problem for the purpose to be purposeful. What is practical about having a purpose if the only purpose is to point out a problem?

Answer: To persuade people to your perspective on the problem actually having a purposeful point in solving.

Sounds political so far, are you perplexed at this particular point?

My personal puzzlement is that I like pizza. If you want to eat pizza with pepperoni, pigs got to die. In principal I prefer things not to have to pass away to get on my dinner plate.

The purpose in solving my problem is; is it practical to kill all “P” to persuade you that my perspective is correct on getting pepperoni on my plate?

The letter “P” must die –goodbye to

Paris, Poinsettias, Poppies, Pasta, Peanut Butter, Pontiac, Porsche, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Peru, Poland, Pakistan, Palestine, Pens, pencils ….plea your case if you want me to ponder this predicament while I eat this plate that has been properly placed in front of face.