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Asking: Why is capitalism aloud to spread disease but democracy is not permitted to stop it?

Rick Mitchell at 9:58am January 27
What disease does capitalism spread, and how is democracy supposed to stop it? Poverty spreads disease and capitalism is capable of stopping it, by building hospitals, schools, and training and teaching people how to raise themselves out of poverty. I agree that greed is a large reason why this doesn't happen, but it's the people that are flawed, not the system. LBJ's Great Society programs have largely failed. Communism has largely failed. Capitalism works. Besides, we are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Sorry this is so long, but you hit a sore spot! ;)

John Craig at 10:15am January 27
Rick – Good to hear from you, miss playing music with you…Great response…I am a fan of Conscience Capitalism. Educate me on “Constitutional Republic, not a democracy” .Peace ~ John

Rick Mitchell at 10:35am January 27
Ditto John! We need to remedy that! Anyway, a democracy, simply put, is one person - one vote, and they would have to vote on EVERYTHING (remember, I said simply put - there are many more factors at work here). A constitutional republic (or representative republic) elects people to represent the populace in government, and those folks (senators, congressmen/women, councilmen/women, etc) go to the seat of goverment (local, state, national) and vote on issues using their own wisdom and (hopefully) the will of their constituents, based on a written set of laws (aka the Constitution). I hope my old civics teacher doesn't ever read this! I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but that's the gist of it. Hope to see you soon, Bro! ;)

John Craig at 10:43am January 27
Political Views: “Evil” Neo-Con…does that make you a liberal or conservative. Me by default.. I have to be a liberal…You have to sign a form when you buy an acoustic guitar….or no paying gigs…

Rick Mitchell at 10:57am January 27
LOL!!! That's great! I'm a Reagan Conservative. I put Evil Neo-Con as an inside joke after being called that because I disagreed with a liberal friend on mine on something or other. I hope we can still be friends... ;)