Active Play

Describing photographic style has to be one of the utmost difficult things for me to do. The words I choose have to be specific, detailed, accurate and have to be said simply in a non-jargon language.

Cinematic documentation is the title or phrase that I have been using for the last couple of years. (So much for the non-jargon) Cinematic documentation style of photography is taking a director’s role in producing images. It can be slightly journalistic within a controlled setting. We evoke techniques from theater and films such as stage blocking and the fourth wall to create an atmosphere of improvisation and spontaneity that leads to fresh original relaxed images.

Cultural adaptability, storytelling and active play appear to be where our compositional style is at today. This helps us to produce simple, honest, fun and beautiful images.

Active Play is a term that I have been tossing around about how we interact with our clientele during photo shoots. It is a high energy approach to cinematic documentation style of photography. Entertaining, directing, experiential, free-flowing fun photography that creates a connection, builds relationships and places the clients in an environment of trust.

Next time I am asked to describe our style my answer will be “Active Play” to create the images and “Cinematic documentation” for viewing.