Completed – Peak Conditioning Project

Starting weight 171lbs (goal weight 165lbs)
Current weight 162lbs
Height 5’9
BMI 23%

After 90 days I can say that I am in the best peak condition of my life. This is what I learned. I have an enhanced sense of personal responsibility to stay in balance within mind, body, and spirit. Corinthians 6:19, “Your body is a temple.” This passage holds true. A temple on the outside, stand tall and strong on the inside it is a place of quiet prayer and meditation.

Week nine I wrote,

"At this stage I am seeing my body as a thought process. Meditation and prayer are equal to but not greater than diet and physical strength training. There is no difference between physical and mental effort. "

That’s it; the lesson learned is balancing the internal and the external of your body.

Lastly, what I learned is that it will take another 90 days for my ego to deflate. So if you see me flexing in a mirror or checking out my own reflection it’s ok to giggle….my wife does.

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