Peak Conditioning Project – Week 9

Day 67 of my PCP journey and this is what I learned (so far).

Starting Weight 171 lbs. Current Weight 164 lbs. Height 5’9

I enjoy the personal responsibility I have towards keeping this goal. Seeing my body change in the mirror is nice, but the real conviction to sustain this practice is the mind-body connection that I am undergoing. At this stage I am seeing my body as a thought process. There is no difference between physical and mental effort. Dropping limitations, focusing more on consciousness, which in turn has transcended my self-limitations.

Truth-be-told I am no super model (yet) but the knowledge of matching my exterior workout with the interior subtle body is the achievement that I will carry with me. Meditation and prayer are equal to but not greater than diet and physical strength training. All inclusive, this is integral and paramount to having a balanced mind-body-spirit connection.

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