Peak Conditioning Project – Week 7

Starting Weight 171 lbs.
Current Weight 165 lbs.
Height 5’9

Day 51 of my 90 days of peak conditioning project. This is what I learned.

Maintaining goal weight of 165lbs, feel good about that. Starting to develop lean muscle mass. Feel really good about that. My wife has even been throwing around the nickname “Adonis the Greek God”; spelling the word Adonis is hard. I had to spell it then re-spell it about fifteen different ways before Google spell checker figured it out for me. Ok, truth-be-told I never even came close to spelling it vaguely correct. I had to call my wife for the spelling. She laughed at me. Come to think about it, she can never say the word Adonis without laughing? This is probably not good for me. Nonetheless my ego is huge and my waist is down to thirty inches and my belt is three notches to the negative.

What I have learned (so far): Journaling my diet along with my general state of health is the best appetite control. Taking one day a week to eat whatever I want is delicious. Protein shakes for dinner: 2 hard boiled egg whites, 1 apple, 1 banana, and a handful of chopped dandelion greens and 5 oz of soy milk. This concoction is fulfilling.

Workout guru infomercial her I come: Combining strength training (resistance bands) with subtle whole body exercise (yoga) works.

This is how I envision my guru/infomercial: First it will only been televised at four a.m. as this is when dedicated, slightly schizophrenic people are up. They are trying to write their memoirs or grazing through their kitchen for food they shouldn’t be eating. That’s my audience. Second, it will only be seen in black and white. I feel that is more hypnotic, sort of subliminal visual encoding.

Hopefully it will be scandalous!!!

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