Poem (of sorts)

Life and culture needs more Africa
Life and culture needs more Bach

Tribal grooves, living within the hands of nature
Icing of harmony that swings on top of the beats
Economy and the environment knock us off our feet, we deserve it
Our ethics looked right then left then crossed the street.
Focus, foundation, foothold; that is our future.
Individuals, creative, innovators can re-seed our Garden of Eden

We need more Africa
We need more Bach

Today we became France, let us drink the wine and eat the cheese
We’re a nationalized nation, let us cheer
An empire has fallen and a republic stands
Gossip is philosophy – FOX news has become the pulpit on which America rests
May our consciousness forgive our behavior
We refused to acknowledge it, in spite of the evidence

Anything that can evolve will, and it will be beautiful

Look to Africa
Look to Bach