Peak Conditioning Project – week 4

Starting Weight 171 lbs.
Current Weight 167 lbs.
Height 5’9

Day 25 of my 90 days of peak conditioning project. This is what I learned.

Energy is back, imagination is back, attitude towards all life is positive. Creating a new workout for myself; jumping rope was not working out for me. Now I mix yoga within resistance band training to get my heart pumping while doing deep stretches. There won’t be an infomercial in my future for this “just-a-little-over-effort” workout that I have coined, but it’ll do for me.

Four pounds off the body, feel good about that. The weight is dropping slowly I feel that it will be a permanent loss. Goodbye soft belly, hello, well…still soft belly but smaller.

Appetite hasn’t been much of an issue, surprised about that. Saturdays seem to be the hungriest day for me, but it is also the day I expel the most amount of energy. Saturdays I eat. For dinner this past week I have been having a protein shake: 3 hard boiled egg whites, 1 apple, 1 banana and 5 oz of soy milk. This concoction is fulfilling.

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