The Peak Condition Project

Couple of weeks ago I started reading this blog, The Peak Condition Project, authored by Patrick Reynolds. Something happened to me…I got motivated. Working out for me has consisted of yoga and hiking for the last decade of my life. For the better part of the past ten years I have been in “ok” shape, but soft in the abdomen. I am lucky enough not to have a gut, but not lucky enough to have tight abs. The dream of six-pack-abs has long been forgotten. The dream of a tight mid-section and no love-handles lives on. The simple goal for me is to lose six pounds, sounds easy. I weigh 171lbs and would like to weigh 165lbs. The comprehensive goal is to determine what my fit peak condition is. How much can I be in control of my body/mind connection?

90 Days of peak condition workout is:
Resistance bands, push-ups and jumping rope (cardio)
Fitness: Hatha yoga
Meditation: 20 minutes of zazen
Diet: Correct portions, conscious preparation, eating quality whole foods and journaling what I eat and how I feel.

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know that I have been a long time practitioner of yoga, meditation and a macrobiotic diet. For years I have only been 80% faithful to my practice. Don’t get me wrong, being dedicated 80% of the time is an achievement to me. The goal of 100% dedication for 90 days works for me, it’s my mountain top. Hopefully with effort, blogging and journaling my way through this process I will gain a deeper understanding of my body, mind and spirit connection.

Wish me luck. I think I will need it.