The selections of music that I buy next, I will probably not like.

Music I like I do not buy, not too often anymore that is. I become bored with music I like, its everywhere. Why buy it?

Commercials, radio, internet, office buildings, evaluators, and sidewalk dissonant sounds fight to fill up my audible range of the day. I am always listening to music, be it in my car or the mix of the world’s sound. I am not advocating stealing or not listening. I am campaigner for mindful hearing of music.

I have paid for my share of music, about twenty five years of purchasing and re-purchasing and formatting and re-formatting music again and again and again. Albums, eight-tracks, cassette-tapes, CD’s, and downloads. I have bought them all. My personal collection is a library of archived music that I like…no, that I love…collecting dust in a dark basement. I have never counted them all, but I could easily purchase a car, my dream hybrid car, for the investment of music that I have sitting collecting dust.

It could be my age or the ego-of-the-artist inside of me, but if music doesn’t make me think, feel, and question and even make me uncomfortable with the resonance, than it’s not for me. I have stacks of great music that is no longer for me. Music needs to educate, push, inspire and expand what I already know. I am blessed to have a musical nature and suffer from musicophobia of redundancy – a Musicophilia addiction fills my veins, tag me obsessed.