Why the sun went away in Pittsburgh

7.01.2008 the sun came out in Pittsburgh PA. It's a peculiar feeling, the sun, if you were raised in PGH. For most of the earth's inhabitants, the sensation of the sun seems to be quite a comforting feeling, for Pittsburghers it's not. In Pittsburgh the sun is a veiled mystery of long ago stories told by the elders of the communities.

This is the story of how the sun went away, as it was told to me:

After forty days of rain an arc, captioned by a man called Noah, sailed by our door front calling for our dog to get on board. Our dog, being spiritually advanced, was called by Noah to help re-populate Pittsburgh. The dog refused to get on the arc, wishing to stay with its owners. The dog sent the house cat in his place. The cat, not spiritually advanced, angered Noah to a great extent. Noah cursed the city to gray, damp, cloudy skies for all eternity only to see the sun in a blinding haze every 120 days during morning rush hour causing great delays in the morning commute.

That the story of why the sun went away in Pittsburgh, nobody is quite sure what happen to Seattle?