Plants, Meditating and Journaling

Plants can eat light, fish can breathe water. I can meditate and write in this journal.

If a day goes by that I do not meditate or write down my thoughts, I can feel the difference. Comparable to a day that you choose to skip hygiene, you just feel it. You may not have odor or look unkempt, but the feeling of “not doing” stays with you.

Meditating and journaling do not make you a better person. No more than showering makes you acceptable in public. But they are real to me. Time spent writing and time spent sitting on a mat are as real to me as hygiene, food preparation, household cleaning, walking and love.

In life first we strive to achieve, then we struggle to deconstruct to the simple. Through meditation and journaling I am awake, aware and conscious of this process.