The Original Whatever

What follows is a zygote of an idea. Once a week I will be posting snap shots of my current writing project. All posts will be titled “The Original Whatever”.

One of the various tribulations I have when writing is that I do my finest, creative, and most philosophical stuff, “the brilliant work”, when I am nowhere near a pen or a computer. What you are currently reading is not my best work. Sorry about that. My best work is done while driving, daydreaming, falling asleep and during conversations. I am a terrible person to have a conversation with. Ninety seven percent of the time I am not listening to you. Why? Am I just that bad-mannered? Maybe…. Most likely it’s because you are asking me for advice that I know you will never utilize.

People are always asking me for my thoughts, opinions on “stuff & it”. “What should I do”, or, “what would you do”. Questions are always being posed to me. In all actuality, I have no idea why people are at all interested in my words. The fact is that I only have three answers to all questions:

Answer One: It will take effort on your part
Answer Two: Forgive him (yes, it’s always a him)
Answer Three: Shut up about it.