The Original Whatever

What follows is a zygote of an idea. Once a week I will be posting snap shots of my current writing project. All posts will be titled “The Original Whatever”.

Essentially I am not a writer yet. When I get to pay taxes from the income earned from writing, I become a writer. Until that point I am just a person who writes. That coveted “er” of “writer” won’t elude me for long. I have been lucky enough to be a professional guitar play“er” and a professional photograph“er”, but as of yet Uncle Sam has collected no money from my written words. The two things you need to be a true working professional is your mother’s blessing and a W-2 form filed properly by April 15 every year.

So I get to be a writer, of sorts, so they tell me (forgive the un-taxed use of the “er”). This seems about right for the next move in my life. I have played a bunch of music, photographed a lot of people and had crazy amounts of life experiences. Basically, I have a lot of stuff to write about. Now, it’s time to sit down and write about all this “stuff” and earn a living off of “it”.

Creative Non-Fiction writing about “stuff & it”. I should be fine in the world of publishing.