The Modern Simplicity Movement

“In the U.S. economy the current mindset is everything you own, owns you.”

 I am a sucker for the idea of living off the grid.  Reducing my carbon footprint on the Earth sits well with my hope for the future. Herb garden, vegetable garden, a stockpile of whole grains and a good internet connection, a couple of pairs of sandals and I am off the grid and running carbon free (almost).

 The splendor and glory of not being tied down to life with a mortgage, utility bills and present mindset of society is a fantasy.  A dream worthy of having, if not possible of completely achieving, completely striving for it is a noble cause in itself and for future generations.

 In reality this vision is up there with my dream of climbing Mt. Everest. The idea of a simple lifestyle is only a dream for the already well-off.  I do not think that the citizens of Africa are trying to think of ways to get back to basic.  The important realization is that if you are one of the lucky ones thinking about “ the modern simplicity movement” then you have to embrace the blessed life that you have achieved (or been born into).  Being born on U.S. soil is the golden ticket no matter what your social economical outlook is.  The greater part of the globe is trying to sustain existence while America is trying to simplify life.

 The “we” of the “us” who are lucky enough to dream about the simplicity movement need to wake-up to the complex problems that is surrounding the world today.  What is needed is a culture creative (integral) outlook with progressive values that include all. Active citizens that take steps with a purpose in ethics, environment and economics will be the catalyst for future behavior.

 The simple answer to me about “ The Modern Simplicity Movement” is that (some) people are coming down from the mountaintop after seeing the view.  Consumerism is not meant for all. But why do only some come down from the mountaintop? Many stay at the mountaintop that are not able to maintain their economic existence. 

Arrival is a myth, but perfection is found in the process.