Have you ever noticed how un-strange it seems when an unfamiliar person sees that you are reading the same book that they just read? It‘s natural, no hesitation of approach, instead there is friendship, instead there is conversation. This is opposed to how foreign it feels when a stranger moves toward you for any other reason…they need directions, to know the time of day or whatnot. Observations are a fun part of life, no point needed.

I have been feeling disconnected from a couple of friends because of their dysfunction and my judgments. I will leave it to the psyche and shadow people to figure out if I am a walking contradiction or just no longer numb to the abusers that society surrounds me with.

Two o’clock in the afternoon, eating lunch outside and reading a book: rice and vegetables and keeping company with Dance, Dance, Dance by Murakami and enjoying both a lot. Pittsburgh weather has always been akin to late night TV to me, predictable but not enjoyable. The sun’s heat moves from bright and warming to cloud-covered skies with cold breezes all within the same sixty seconds. Sun glare to diffused vision all on the same page, odd reading experience. The wind is fragrant with late spring flowers at the end of their budding season. Three bees buzz by my left knee, they leave me alone, good. Tiny white flowers or leaves, not sure which, dance through the air and land in my lunch and on the page I’m reading. Sort of fun to watch, sort of.