“Get Free Pills”

This is my rant on the state of U.S healthcare. I don’t think many people actually care about their state of health.

The term Universal Healthcare is not a very American slogan in the first place. America does not seem to care about the “Universe”. We Americans place 40% of toxins and pollution into the atmosphere and water. We support slavery with our consumerism-mentality. The amount of oil, coal and natural recourses we waste is an uncountable number. America seems also not to care about “healthcare” itself. We are an obese society with a gluttonous fast food nature. So it’s no wonder why we cannot get on board with the term “Universal Healthcare”.

It’s a marketing problem; we need a name change if we want people to get on board. How does this sound: “Get Free Pills”. That is something that Americans would line up for.

“Free” consumerism-mentality; that will solve our problems without having to place any effort into the solution. Now that seems American.

P.S. I’m just a little angry. See Frontline – Sick Around The World for an educated perspective.