Exterior to Interior Photography

How do we create – Something out of nothing - Backyard Photography

I have been working on a different type of photography project. In this venture I have to look at the final image forever! It’s for my home. It’s true; I have never solely set out to create art for my own space. My home is filled with photographs although they are all images selected from archival work. Never before have I set out knowing where the final image would be displayed.

Completing a project and then detaching myself from the ownership of the work has been one of my favorite aspects of photography. Having passion for the process and being able to let go of the work for somebody else’s pleasure or judgment is the ultimate non-attachment for the ending image. In music or acting it seems that you are always selling the song or moment to the audience, but in photography it’s one click of the shutter and then on to the next image. The light is never the same twice.

P.S. – The premise I set for myself is that all images must be taken on my own property. The challenge for me is to work with what you got, instead of searching out the perfect location I want to limit the location to what is already there. It makes me feel that it’s a sustainable/recyclable photography project. Bring the beauty from the exterior of the home into the interior of the home.