Evolution Has Ended (0000 – 04/01/08)

Evolution has ended – after reviewing the state of humanity, Evolution no longer wishes to take credit for the state of the world. Before bowing out of the world stage, Evolution would like to extend some gratitude and recognition for those caught up along the way.

First, Creationism – even though Evolution has long been considered the bastard child of Creationism: Evolution would like to extend a warm thanks to Creationism for getting life to crawl out of the ocean and coaxing the first flowers to bloom. We do appreciate that…

Second, Consciousness - Evolution would like to give a round of applause to Consciousness for finally waking up. Unfortunately it was a little too late to have any effectiveness on the outcome of humankind. Nonetheless we would like to thank Kurt Vonnegut, Oprah Winfrey, Buddha and Jesus for being such strong charismatic figures that helped sprout the likelihood of people actually being nice to each other. What a novel idea...

Last but not least, without the aid of Evolution - Evolution would like to leave all future advancements to the existing-state-of-humanity to figure it out on their own.

Evolution speculates what is anticipated for the conclusion of humanity - “Civilization’s future holds the outcome of a non-evolved, non-consciousness, non-creative native population returning back to the oceans. For those of you worried about mass chaos, world panic or other such absurdities, there is no need to worry due to the fact that evolved, creative conscious people are needed for that.”

Enjoy the decline,