The writers' strike save my life

Sunday night, 10 pm, opened a bottle of wine, turned on FX network to watch “Dirt”. This show makes me laugh on many different levels. First, I love the idea of art imitating life. Second, how easy it must be for the writers of this show, and third, that the Cox-Arquette’s are making money off the very thing that they grumble about. How great is that?? Serendipity + irony + old tabloid headlines = a hit show.

TV watching at my house has evolved into old-world-thinking. We only turn on the TV when we actually want to watch something. Be entertained. It is no longer an appliance that fills the empty space in our life.

The writers’ strike saved my life. Due to the fact that we loathe reality/game show TV; there was nothing left for us to do but actually turn the TV off in disgust. What came next was something that has only been seen on old black and white TV shows. We had conversation, turned on music, and worked on other activities, spent quality family time, truly “The Twilight Zone” style of living. Friends and family laughed at us, nevertheless we persevered. The TV is only turned on when we actually wanted to watch something. How civilized.

If you think I am bragging…well I am.

P.S. None of the above applies during football season…