Three Days Off

Three days off and not much accomplished.  I spent the better part of the last three days waiting on other people to tell me what to do.  One, my wife, whose wishes I must respect.  Two, customer service attendants at Ikea, whose lack of interest in me I must accept (If I whish to purchase a new kitchen table and chairs and I do).  Third, my own self-righteous mindset that I must tolerate.  Too hard to explain, just trust me I can be a wrench of person when I am bored.

Good things from these past three days.  Downloaded the new Stuart Davis CD, “Something Simple”, definitely four stars. Caught baseball with my nephew, that was a lot of fun.

I had an epiphany of an idea while catching baseball.  Conversation while catching baseball could solve the entire world’s problems.  If you want to understand somebody else’s point of view catch baseball with that person.  Stay with me here: imagine watching the next presidential debate between Hillary and Obama, all the while they are catching ball and discussing the future of our country.  People cannot lie when catching baseball.  Not sure if truth-telling applies to all ball tossing or just baseball.  You can definitely lie when kicking a soccer ball or shooting a puck, never trust a hockey player especially if that hockey player is from Australia.

Broke out all the new camera gear.  I had a box full of new equipment sitting in our office for the last two weeks.  Just opened it this past Saturday.   Not sure if that’s a good thing or not that new equipment no longer gets me excited?  I feel more like I am keeping up with the “Digital Jones” than actually buying equipment that will improve the quality of my work.

“Digital Jones”, isn’t that a Stuart Davis song?