Can the food industry go the way of the music industry?

Solutions to our economical struggles, health issues and environmental troubles can be found by sitting down at our kitchen table for dinner and listening to music.

The phrase “think global but act local” seems to be of the utmost importance in today’s world. Next month I will attend an Earth-Day celebration in my neighborhood. Earth-Day is a global event with the awareness of growing a local economy through the means of being environmentally responsible. I will get the opportunity to meet local farmers (find out where local farmers’ markets are). There will be local bands, local food vendors, local artists and I was informed about this event through reading a local blogger. The technology of mini-globalization (blogging) is supporting the growth a new local economy. How cool is that!

It is not current news that eating locally grown foods helps your health, environment, oil consumption and the idea that community matters. Local farmers’ markets are becoming trendy and fun. It’s comparable to social online networking with actual live people, vegetables and expensive coffee.

Can the food industry go the way of the music industry?

With the collapse of the music industry, musicians actually get the chance to earn a living without becoming a product themselves since they are no longer enslaved to the industry. The consumer, in point of fact, stole the music back and has given it to the musician to earn a living. In today’s musical environment you do not have to be a product, sell units or be hand picked by Clive Davis to have your music heard. Playing music has not only become profitable again but a career choice that is worthy of pursuing. You may not become famous or rich but the possibility of supporting your family is there. Musicians have options of actually playing music: performing, teaching, session work, community work and most importantly selling their own work locally and globally without having to give eighty percent back to the industry that gave birth to them. Think globally but act locally.

Consumers killed the industry turning the product back into music. How civilized, music to be music and food should be food.

Will consumers kill the food industry next? Turning boxed, processed, oil-based preservatives back into earth grown food that we can serve at our kitchen tables? I hope so.

I have no naive dreams that conglomerate corporations with fall apart or that capitalism will become conscious anytime soon (You keep going John Mackey). The fullest human potential has never been fixed or definitive, which I guess that means the best is yet to come.