Compact flash cards and disaster prevention

About every six months I have a memory card problem with my camera. I have never lost a photo (yet) with the help of recovery software. The mystery for me is why does it happen in the first place? Below I listed the safety steps I take to help preserve the images (in camera). If you have any other helpful suggestions please let me know. I will re-publish this post accordingly.

1. Do not fill up your compact flash card; leave about 20% of empty space
2. Do not place CF card by magnets or your cell phone, this could erase your card.
3. Wait for your camera and flash to recycle before taking next shot
4. Do not delete images in camera (file systems can become corrupt - especially since deleting an image doesn't really remove the data. It just changes the name of the file to one that indicates the image or file has been deleted and the space assigned to it can be reused. Formatting twice assures that the possibility of corruption will be minimal. )
5. Do not let your batteries run low in your camera or flash, this will place strain on your card.
6. Buy recovery software for each brand of CF card you own. Each brand has their own photo recovery software.

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