Why I Read Blogs

“Process of re-evaluation, I had to accept that I was susceptible to propaganda, and that propaganda comes from all sides — not just the one I happen to dislike.”
- Brian Eno

A lot of my friends think that reading blogs are a waste of time. In relation to meeting a stranger at a bar and taking that person’s advice as if it was the Gospel itself. I like blogs because it represents effort to me. If a person is going to take the time to write and research a topic, I believe them. Until I don’t. I link the comparison to the media. Arguably, the media is a filtered news source. The corporate monopoly business of media (Rupert Murdock) openly strains what we need to know on what they (he) want us to know. I trust the media until I don’t!

Blogging is an open source, citizen journalism with a do-it-yourself mentality. This is why I trust bloggers; they have passion for the subject. Blogging is not about holding on to information for corporate gains; it’s about sharing information for all to gain. Few bloggers do it for the money. All bloggers do it for the enthusiasm of communication. The knowledge that something you write will help someone else. Blogging is a step towards digital enlightenment, random acts of compassion/information for others to grow upon.

Enlightenment is nothing more than awareness. Awareness of what may be a more important question to consider. To become aware you need an evolutional ladder for enlightenment to stand upon. Who would of thought that to obtain enlightenment all you would need would be an “@” symbol, “.com” and a blogger mindset??

I surpassed two years of keeping a blog myself and three years of being a daily blog reader. In all that time no blogger’s advice/words has disappointed me. I have bought books, seen movies, listened to music, purchased photography equipment, I have discovered software shortcuts, and I have learned better ways to work, play and inflate my own conscience. I had my worldview expanded; my understanding of a global perspective enriched all by bloggers.

Enjoy the propaganda…