Digital Canvas

What photographers will be selling in the future will be more of a generative photo system, rather than a single print.

In the last five years my clientele has become more interested in the photo DVD album, negatives on disc and on-line gallery than physical prints. I have embraced and enjoyed the change in the medium format. Personally I have not been converted to the new format. I enjoy the framed print.

Until now. Viewing my current project, Ambient Art, on a 42-inch flat-panel high-definition screen has transformed the viewing experience.

I will be releasing my Ambient Art product later this year and I am toying with the idea of a generative photo product. My current thought is that you would receive a DVD with 60 images set to 60 minutes of classical/ambient music that would loop. Additionally the DVD would hold all 60 images in a jpeg format that would be suitable for printing up to a poster size wall print. The entire project would be licensed with Creative Commons so that you could share, remix and reuse the work as you wish with limited/some rights reserved. (i.e.) If you want to resale it, kick some cash my way. If you want to decorate your family homes or work, then have at it.

So, what do you think? Click (here) to the ambient art work-in-progress.