Ambient Art

Ok, here it is: the start of chapter two of my blog.

January 1st of this year I walked into the woods with one camera, one tripod, one father and one new photography objective. Note: for great photography one father is not needed but it is nice to have the company. I walked down to a shallow stream or creek (never quite sure what is what in the water family.) Either way it was not a lake or ocean, that I know that for sure.

I started on a new project that I am calling Ambient Art. Previously I have written (here) on ambient art, now I am creating what I consider to be ambient art. I am vaguely defining ambient art to be neither abstract nature nor definable as still life photography. Hence, you see why I use the term “vaguely” defining. With this project my goal is painting with light and motion. I will not be using any Photoshop to alter the images. I will be using white balance in camera and upping contrast in Aperture (digital darkroom software.) Blending these two techniques I feel that I am keeping true to essential photography.