No Short Cuts

“No short cuts in the practice.” That is how the conversation ended between Wilber and Kempton on IN. Lately I have been letting short cuts, sleeping in and life in general impede my practice. I have noticed and felt inner anger, doubt, questioning, less tolerances and less self- motivation. I have been dedicated at least eighty to ninety percent to my personal practice for the better part of the last five years and extremely committed towards the practice for the last two years.

For those new to this blog, my practice is: a balance of body mind and spirit in self, culture and nature. On a daily basis I practice meditation, yoga, diet, compassion and creative expression. This is why I am writing this post to shed light on my shadows by journaling.

Keeping true to the act of practice is all I want to achieve. I am not looking for total attainment of any one of my practices. The accomplishment I seek is to live a well life of compassion and service.

Placing aside my practices has brought me illness (inner & outer), inner being the worst. The writing of this understanding has been a cleansing confession of sort for me. I will regain my discipline. Reclaiming the inner and outer health that my practice gives me is a purist act of self compassion and service worth self-realization.