Neuro-Science & Photography???

I have been struggling to find out if photography has the ability that music and meditation has on the brain (Neuroplasticity). When the human eye sees, it does not see life as a complete picture. It scans through the environment placing order and preference to the scene. The camera sees in conclusion, placing directives of emotion and concentration as a completed whole. Can the study/practice of photography focus the brain to help gain insight and details that otherwise we might miss?

Music, meditation and the brain have been topics of significance to me. The brain’s ability to grow into whole-brain thinking in conjunction with the capacity to help promote the body healing process has become an obsession to me. I have long alleged that music and meditation are part of the evolutionary process. Man’s next step on the evolutionary ladder is not upward motion but an internal development. Art therapy and photo therapy equally are great tools but I have not been able to find any information on the possibility that photography can help the plasticity of the brain.

Where does photography fit in? Do you think that the photography process helps the photographer or the viewer evolve? Photography as a passion or a hobby will bring great enjoyment, stress relief and flame the creative process of the individual. However, does photography aid in healing and help the brain develop into a more whole-brain system?

Today I am asking for your input. Personal reflection upon photography as therapy, or a development tool, or neuro-science of photography would be helpful. Please leave comments or e-mail me.