I Am Angry (probably not at you)

Lately, I have started to notice just how angry of a person I am. If you know me either personally or through my writing you may be shocked to find out that I am riddled with anger. Generally people find me to be optimistic, upbeat even to the point of maddening, just ask my wife. Seeing life sunnyside up can be a real downer for those around me.

I have also noticed how much I read about things that make me angry: global warming, lack of health care, lack of people taking care of their own health, the baby boomer generation using up the social security retirement funds, what the government places in our food, what people choose to place in their own mouths, lobbyists, smokers, and not to mention things that don’t make me angry because I am just too numb with anger to notice any longer; disease, poverty, malnourishment. Please don’t judge me…this is a confession of sorts.

Next comes deciphering between being judgmental or angry. Typically if I see a fat person driving a min-van smoking a cigarette, eating a pop tart, talking on their cell phone all the while barely avoiding a catastrophe and almost wrecking into me I will make a judgmental comment. For those keeping score rarely do I swear or make a rude jester. What I do is quickly make a list in my mind how that person is the cause for the world falling apart. Only if they could take an interest in the world around them, how much better of a world this would be.

For years I have been a closeted judgmental person justifying my point-of-view with the phrase “I know I am right”. However, the number one thing that makes me angry are people always thinking their point-of-view is the only correct possible point-of-view in the know universe to have on any given subject matter. Hence, I am not judging that person, I am angry at that person. An epiphany of sorts!!

The greatest thing about having this epiphany is that I can rest in the fact of knowing that I am not that judgmental of a person. Clearly, I am a justified angry person with the only correct point-of-view. Wow, what a relief.