Aesthetic Universe (the purpose of art)

The purpose of art is an odd, unanswerable question. The purpose of studying/practicing art is a question worth asking.

My approach to art is a deconstruction process. The understanding of past aesthetic traditions that have influenced my technique is an incalculable act. As a lifelong developmental student of art/composition with an attraction for different genres and disciplines, I discover design by looking in reverse.

I see the purpose of art from four conjoined perspectives. No one perspective is the correct viewpoint. Additionally, balancing all four views is not needed to master any discipline. Enhancing your point of view from blending the perception can create a place for insight and technical advancement

Aesthetic Universe (the purpose of art)
- Educate
- Develop a skill
- Heal
- Pleasure

Education – Scholarship in history through painting, photography, cuisine, music, poetry, and dance is to a large extent a more multidimensional process to understanding different periods of history. Verses the textbook approach to understanding our history.

Develop a skill – All art evolves the mind/body connection, and in turn develops whole-brain thinking. Having the body achieve what the mind wants is a repetitive task that develops memory, muscle coordination, cognitive and psychological development.

Heal – Art and healing are a subject that I like to rant upon. It has always amazed me that in times of post-tragedy they call on the artist to help aid in the healing process. Be it different types of therapy, fundraising or to bring people together to lower/raise emotion. Art has a responsibility to serve. Art has a responsibility to heal. Art should give us the ability to transcend, be the precursor to prevent adversity (in times of war send the musicians in first).

Pleasure- An unanswerable question can be answered with the word pleasure. Art is sensory discrimination, entertainment and the enjoyment of the process.