Living Meditation

A Living Meditation - Do As Little Harm To Future Generations As Possible

Sustainability and living a greener life are significant causes to me. I do not think that I can live a life that is entirely environmentally true. But I do think that I can lead a life in which I place a continuous effort into living in such a way that will do less harm to future generations.

“How do I fit into the conscious solution and not the unconscious problem.” Author unknown

The one constant point that keeps reoccurring in the ongoing debate about global warming and/or climate change is that change will happen. Be it of the Earth process itself or that of mans’ actions, life will not be the same for future generations. By future generations I mean my ancestors for the next 10,000 years. I trust that my daughter and future grandchildren will be fine. That there is enough of everything left on the planet for them (including fossil fuel, food, technology). I do fear that they will see mass destruction like no other generation before them. On mutually different fronts from global perspectives to political upheavals the humankind will not be the same.

I place effort into buying organic and local foods, driving less when possible, changing regular light bulbs to compact fluorescent, using green friendly cleaning products in my home, supporting green dimes to have trees planted, recycling and composting, turning off lights and electronic devices when not in use and some day I will buy a hybrid car. In no way am I perfect at any of those items, I rarely compost, I find it hard to buy local foods, I drive a lot and I cannot even conceive how I could afford to be carbon neutral.

Nevertheless my actions and footprints that I leave behind will cause some harm. The living meditation, “Do as little harm to future generations as possible”, will hopefully become a path that I and my future ancestors will follow. In the end my intentions are that with daily effort, knowledge and inspiration there will be little harm done to future generations.