Autumn is such a gift; the weather is always seasonably warmer than you remember. The colors of the trees and cloud-filled skyline are that of a surreal painting. The air smells clean with the aromas of life that is only found at this time of year. The autumn wind has warmth leftover from summer that I have found comforting. Noticing the black nighttime skies with ambient glow from the stars seem to be an autumn rite. Few times can I remember looking up at the stars but there’s something about the night autumn winds that forces your eyes up to notice the splendor. Even the heavens and the galaxies wake-up to enjoy the autumn time of year.

The odd thing about autumn is that with beauty there is the precursor of the season of dying. Winter, the time of rest for Mother Nature. We know that the beauty of autumn will not last. In the end I guess that is the double lesson of autumn. Take pleasure in the magnificence.