Working America

Last night there was a knock at my door. Upon opening the door my first thought was a door-to-door salesman. Second thought was how quickly can I get rid of this guy so I can go back to drinking wine with my wife? He introduces himself to us “Hi I am Dave with Working America.org and I am here to urge you to write your senators, and state representatives about important issues. Issues such as:

Living wages for America’s workers, including a higher minimum wage. Millions struggle to make ends meet on a minimum wage of $5.15 an hour, and it isn’t right. Everyone should be able to support a family on what they make.

Health care for all, especially the most vulnerable. We're fighting to make sure all children are insured, regardless of income level, and to make sure every senior has affordable access to the prescription drugs they need.

Safe retirement plans we can count on. We seek to protect our pensions from corporate corruption and to stop the Bush administration's gamble with Social Security.

Quality education to give our children every opportunity. Investments in education—whether it’s early education programs like Head Start or programs to make college more affordable—are investments in America’s future.

Family leave that is flexible and fair. Paid family and medical leave and guaranteed time off for vacations and sickness help maintain the important balance between work and family life.

Good jobs for America’s workers. Congress should stop giving corporate incentives to send jobs overseas and support fair trade, not free trade.

Power for Workers and Working Families in politics and in the workplace. We need to make it easier for working people to vote through longer voting periods, same-day registration, voting by mail and time off from work for voting. Pass the Employee Free Choice Act to give working people a democratic voice in their workplace.

Check out Working America so America can work together. I am glad I listen.