Word of the Day: Starbuck-ism

As I stand in line for my morning coffee...
One professional meeting in the far back corner, two middle-aged women looking for love on e-harmony, three angry teens dressed in black sit in the dark corner listening to what I assume to be angry music. One older man who looks like he has just read "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac for the first time sits by the large window in front of the store. The older man seems to have decided not to shave, and to grub himself up in an effort to inspire the Kerouac-esc novel that he has been penning in his head for the last 30 years. Two people stand ahead of me in line ordering drinks that I cannot even pronounce? Yes- these are my people.

I am overwhelmed by Starbuck-ism, the feeling of euphoria you get when entering a Starbucks. Look around, color scheme, wall art, music, decor that you wish you could have thought of when decorating your home. Free internet, open source of creativity, aroma, good fashion, bad fashion, life that is brewed to perfection all starts here. Starbuck-ism, I bask in you.