September 10th, Mother Teresa

On the precursor of 9/11 there should be a date that is remembered as well. September 10th, the day Mother Teresa received her call to serve. God calling her to serve the world has inspired millions more than the action of evil on 9/11.

I have been reading Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, for the last couple of days. The journey of her life is breathtakingly beautiful and painful. Complete surrender, devotion, piety with her love of Jesus.

The debates cornering this book have failed to reveal that this is a memoir in a fashion of letter writing to her spiritual mentor. Not solely a documentation of her dark-night of the soul regarding her crisis of faith. The most awe-inspiring part of this book is the pause and reflection she must have taken before writing these letters. The letters must be an authentic clarity of what she felt. The letters are a transmission of an internal dialogue with Jesus.

It is my wish that when people read this book it will be not for confirmation or denial of their current belief. However, as a catalyst for understanding that living a life of faith, even in times of darkness, is still a life of service.