Photographer Searching for Computer Geek Soulmate

I think I want to be a computer geek, but I do not know where to start. People think I am a computer geek or at least computer savvy because of the blog, website and web 2.0 interests, but I am not. Most of the artists that I look up to have a designated computer geek friend: however I do not. I have a desire to understand web coding and to grasp what search-engine optimizing is. Even to switch to a different blogging software that could be inserted into my main website (without having to have everybody update their links). Here’s the problem, I cannot stand and/or understand most of the web-techie stuff that I read. The purpose of this posting is to put myself out there and apply on-line dating networking to computer geek best friend searching. Here goes.

In search of: Computer geek best friend/soulmate
Status: unimportant
Here for: Computer geek befriending, hand holding, long nights in front of the computer screen and one on one instruction.
Orientation: Human or someone locked into the singularity.
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA and/or phone, e-mail connections
Religion: Geekdoom, web-techie stuff, Christian or Buddhist preferred, Scientologists need not apply.
Smoke/Drink: unimportant
Education: Computer geek brilliant, Mac & PC proficient a must! (More on the Mac side)

P.S. a little about me:
Interests: Photography, Guitar, composition, meditation, yoga, hiking, rock climbing, long walks at sunset, wine, cooking and finding a computer geek best friend/soulmate to share my life with.
Heroes: Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Thich Nhat Hanh, my wife and daughter
Music: Bach, Dominic Miller, Ottmar Liebert, Michael Hedges
Goals: Work with a purpose, give without expectations and obtain a computer geek best friend/soulmate
People that I like a lot: you, my father, my wife and daughter, Walden, Nietzsche, Wilber, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gary Snyder, and other numerous people/authors that I cannot think of right now.