The Perfect Giggle

Here is a something bizarre about me: I think I will die after I achieve the perfect giggle. This may seem odd, especially if you know me because I giggle a lot…seriously…a lot. Nevertheless I do not live in fear of my looming death because of the splendor of experiencing the perfect giggle. Not surprisingly, I find almost everything funny or tragic, not much in between. Again, that must seem odd. In most situations my reaction to people is, “I cannot believe you’re taking that so seriously”, or, “I cannot believe you’re taking that SERIOUSLY”. Hence, most things are funny and should be experienced as such or they are tragic and should be experienced as such.

Let me give you an example: Road rage, I find road rage to be a comical fascination. Here is a repetitive action that we all do all the time: driving. Daily, people place themselves in the exact same situation as the day before and yet still seem to get enraged by the same daily occurrence: driving. For me, road rage makes me giggle, seeing people become infuriated by the same reoccurring event. Until you watch the News – then road rage becomes tragic, SERIOUSLY tragic.

Bumper stickers, magnet Jesus fish with feet and any item that can be stuck, attached or in some way fashioned to the back of a car. I find this funny. I also wonder if the evangelizing bumper sticker causes road rage. Probably does. Just writing that last sentence made me giggle. If you get the chance to read this rant, then my previous giggle was not my perfect giggle and I am still alive. If that was my perfect giggle and you do not get to read this; well, that would be tragic.

SERIOUSLY, not funny.