Exclusivity, Availability & Updates

It's odd to be called an artist for I am only the communal work that came before me. The influence of who I am is listed (not completely) on the sidebars of this blog. I updated the sidebar adding a writer's list. Writers have been more influential to me than any other source of inspiration. To be honest, I am the collective person of their original thoughts.

An artist seems to be an exclusive type of person, locked away in their own thoughts. If not for the availability of a previous artist's work, the artist themselves would fade away. As I write this I sit staring at the list of writers, photographers, bloggers and charitable organizations that make up who I am.

Am I an artist? Not sure it's even for me say. Optimistically, the time I spend in practices of my art/skill/discipline will evolve into inspiration for others.

Art is nothing more than beauty and from, creative playfulness.