Ambient Art

In my continuous thoughts on ambient art I began writing down these ideas in hopes of formulating a specific project outline.

- The goal of ambient art is not to disregard your background but to be in balance with it.
- Reduce noise (visual & audio) and release stress, creating a peaceful background.
- Conscious listening in conjunction with the practice of seeing equals ambient art.

Our new home has a minimalist’s quality to it; if you can see it the “it” has a purpose. The interior design objective is to fashion an environment that helps stimulate the mind and improve creativity.

There are three main rooms in our home that we do 90% of our living in; kitchen, office/studio and sunroom. Within these rooms is where I want to enjoy life, raise my family and produce my work. Visual distractions and sound noise creates an unproductive living condition. A minimalist ambient approach to interior design can produce a centering union within your home.

The objective of ambient art is purpose with balance. The photographs that line our walls are storytelling photographs that invite the viewers to gaze inward. The sound you hear will be coming only from one source at one time (no TV on in one room and music playing in the next room). When entertaining the TV will not be a big black void taking up space but will have photographs looping a slideshow with ambient music to fill the atmosphere.

Simplicity with purpose can eliminate pollution in your surrounding.