To Judge or Not

To Judge or not, that is the question that has been asked of me. I have partaken in a three day experiment /exercise of noticing my thoughts and reactions to life. I have found this very hard to write about, without writing a novel (a novel that would probably not be a very readable one at that).

So, this is what I have learned about myself: Discerning between using your judgment, being judgmental and applying bad judgment is a daunting task.

First, lets start with me being judgmental (please accept this as my confession and for my penance served - consider living though the experience of punishment enough). Wal-Mart: I am a terrible human being when I have to shop at a Wal-Mart. I judge the corporation, myself and all the people there for supporting this place. I judge the people who walk slow and meander through the store. It's Wal-Mart get in and get out and most importantly get out of my way. Second, I am completely judgmental towards overweight women on cell phones driving minivans. Sorry to say that out loud (or type it out loud) but it's true, I judge overweight women on cell phones driving minivans. In my defense, you almost kill me or kill someone else during my time on the road every day. Still, please forgive me.

Next, moving on to where I feel that I am non-judgmental; listening. When I am listening to somebody I am truly listening, I am not formulating an answer when they are talking. Listening has become a lesson in being mindful for me. (Hopefully my wife is not laughing at me when she reads this..... I love you honey)

To conclude: being perceptive to applying bad judgment is the lesson learned. Living a life where you only answer from your higher self would be a very quiet life for me. Living a life in which practicing being a giver of non-judgment towards others seems like a good starting place.

If anyone else out there wishes to partake in this exercise please see here: