Rarely Do I Look at Photographs

I received some motivation after reading the Howard Grill blog post on “How Long, Why, and Would I” about time spent looking at a photograph. It got me thinking about how little time I actually spend looking at a completed photograph.

I capture images in my camera, I edit images on my computer, and I scan the internet and magazines looking at images. Projects that I complete for clients get burned to disc, for other people to decide which images becomes a photograph and which images will be preserved on disc. Even the images in my own on-line gallery are only images until somebody else purchases them and hangs them in their home or business. Rarely do I look at photographs.

Time for a change.

This week I will go to two different galleries in Pittsburgh. First I will stop at the Andy Warhol Museum and view the current photo exhibitions of Lou Reed: New York series. Second I will go to Pittsburgh History Center to view Capture the Moment: the Pulitzer Prize Photographs where I have also been asked to write a review to post on my blog. Look for that in the near future.