Ocean 13, Sangrias, Art Festival

This weekend: Oceans 13 , sangrias , PGH Arts Festival.

Personally I am not a fan of arts festivals; crowds, overpriced fried food and people who smoke in public places drive me crazy. One thing that I am not certain of about arts festivals are: “is this where successful artists come to start their careers or is this where successful artists come to end their careers?

I have partaken in arts festivals as a guitar player but I have never had a photography booth. Maybe I will try one mid-career? (Probably not)

Oceans Thirteen, funny, funny movie. Music soundtrack is great, fretless bassline against old jazz grooves. Cinema-photography is excellent, you could freeze frame any scene and have a well composed photograph. On a side note the movie The Fountain had even better cinema-photography.

Sangrias on the front porch with my wife, a tasty drink to watch the sunset.