Purgatory & the Medical Waiting Room

I have spent too much time in medical waiting rooms in my life. Medical waiting rooms are purgatory. Nothing good happens in purgatory…it’s a limbo. They call the waiting room the “waiting room”, if you did not wait they would call the room by another name like, “Mr. Craig your doctor will see you now room”. So here I sit in purgatory, sick people everywhere, fat, lazy, cell phone talkin’, screaming give me my pill, un-insured, smelly, complaining in-flux of Americans who just don’t care.

Except me, hear I sit. I bask in my judgmental-ness, egotistic, mindframe knowing that I am so highly evolved in my oneness. I sit quietly in the far back corner of the room reading a book. This is where the impatience of my extended stay in purgatory kicks in. There is always one extremely fat loud man who gets on my nerves. Why can he not talk in normal tones, I think to myself. His loud, course, deep-throated voice echoes throughout out the entire room. Next, comes a smack in the face directly from hell, he pulls out his cell phone to call his wife to explain his aches and pains at the top of his lungs. Oblivious to his surroundings: Why? I quietly scream in my head, do people not care that there are other people in the room?

So, there I sat reading my book. My own inner thoughts and awareness have been raped by the people in this room. Kindness for others does not exist in the medical “purgatory” room.