Graffiti Photo Book

I have always wanted to do a photo book on bathroom graffiti. I have found some of the most pondering phrase scribbled on bathrooms walls. Now, there are a couple of problems to produce this book: first, I really do not want to hang out in public bathrooms. Second, I think setting up a tripod and firing a flash from inside a bathroom stall would scare the hell out of people. Third, they could arrest me for suspect wrong doing (insert George Michael joke here). So anyways, I think the book would be divided into chapters like this (see below). Finally consider this idea a gift to who ever wants to run with it. (Get it? run with it to a bathroom). Please feel free to add to the chapter list if I forgot any?

Graffiti Photo Book
Chr 1) I Love You
Chr 2) Sexual Conduct
Chr 3) 80's Hair Band mention
Chr 4) Bad Philosophy Quotes
Chr 5) Drug references
Chr 6) Beatles lyrics
Chr 7) Ghetto Street Art
Chr 8) Political in-correctness
Chr 9) Miscellaneous Phone numbers