I am coining a new word: “demi/repub”:

Why? For the reason that I have no interest in current politics and I’m trying to decide if I am a Republican or a Democrat. I am an artist by profession, consequently that makes me a Democrat by trade (in time of war send the musicians in first). As this world turns I figured I should learn about what makes the U.S. turn so in the last few years, motivated by the horrors of 9/11 and current miss-handlings of this Administration, I started to develop a personal study of what makes people spew their political opinions on self-righteousness/self knowledge on how they think the government should work.

This rambling stream of consciousness is not directed toward the elected officials in office; hey, we voted them into office so why are we complaining about them. This writing is directed to anybody who wishes to have a political conversation with me. Let me set the ground rules to having a conversation with me.

First rule of having a political conversation with me is: if you think you’re 100% right, don’t bother talking to me. Second rule: if you solely vote for a Republican and/or Democrat without considering who is in the other party don’t bother talking to me either--you’re in a cult, yes you are – click here. Third rule: if you are a Democrat who only wants the government to do more for you and you do not serve your local community (i.e. charity, community services, youth education, etc…) you are a poor Democrat so please do not talk to me. Fourth rule: if you are a Republican who only wants taxes cut and do not keep conservative values or basic morals and faith (i.e. you truly conserve in body, mind and soul and use your judgment without being judgmental to others) please do not talk to me.

So, who wants to talk?
Seeking “demi/repub”.