Art Of Seeing

There is much insight in practicing the art of seeing: At daybreak I was taking a walk at the panhandle trail, which is located right across the street from our new home. It's an ideal setting for practicing the art of seeing. The trail is fashioned on old railroad tracks that have been converted into a walking/bike path for the local community. On the right side of the path there is lofty rock walls and several small ponds that catches the dawn light. On the left side of the trail there is a twisting stream at the base of a towering hillside that reflects the twilight light.

I have been walking/scouting this new location for two weeks, practicing the art of seeing. Today I went out with no intentions of shooting. I was feeling under the weather and thought that a slow walk would clear my mind and body. I walked the path that I have cut out for myself with possible shooting locations. This morning the light was perfect, I raced back to my home, grabbed the tripod and fish-eye lens and back out I went.