Tuesday Evening and the Aroma

Last night I was sitting in a pizza bistro waiting for my tomato pie and salads To Go. For the next ten minutes I had the occasion to view humanity at its finest; celebrating life, breaking bread and drinking wine. This restaurant has a unique feel to it. It takes you back to a quiet, simpler time, in that uncomplicated way, like eating on your Grandparent's back porch made you feel as a youngster. There is no special decor, ambient sound or lighting that creates the atmosphere other than the aroma. The aroma is what produces the vibe that brings people in to embrace the ambiance. The fresh herb garden that sits directly behind the restaurant is the catalyst that gives rise to the fresh air feel that encompasses the building. A fresh herb garden, slow cooked meals, polite service, and the wine is Bring Your Own. There is nothing pretentious about this place, the wine is poured in regular table glasses and the patrons are inclined to share a glass with the table next to them.