A New Home

Back to the blog world, took the last couple of days off to move into a
new home. Not a major move, nevertheless merely a minor shift in locality. With that said all moves are a major pain in the butt, however, thankfully due to movers and family this move went particularly butt-pain free.

Nowadays I live on the south side of Pittsburgh, which completes my trifecta of living on all three sides of Pittsburgh. There was mention of me receiving a gold metal award for such a feat, only to have my accomplishment out-shadowed by my father. You see, he is the only man in recorded history to have actually been able to move an Italian woman raised and bred in the East side of Pittsburgh to the South Side of Pittsburgh, quite a triumph. A factual story, they even have his picture hanging up at the local Italian club.

The metro Pittsburgh landscape is based on a triangle, North side, East side, and South side. I once heard about the West side of Pittsburgh, except nobody actually talks about it? I speculate that this is in fact where the world becomes flat, end of the universe type of thing (I wonder if there are any good restaurants there)?

Internet connection on, cable on, wine consumed, photos taken, back to normal life (subjective to reflection). Now I need to locate new coffee shops, vegetarian restaurants (no, not a full blown veg, but hey I love vegetarian meals) discover places to hike, scout locations to photograph, find that perfect bagel place, interview local take-outs, investigate pizza joints, find an oil change place, new dry cleaners, and other retail establishments to spend my money on.

If you see a confused man walking around the South side of Pittsburgh,
say hi. I could be your new neighbor.
(Yes, I will turn the music down and pick up aftermy dog)